Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bedtime Antics

I don't know about you but, once that obligatory bedtime routine is executed, and all the bedroom doors are shut, I am off-duty. As long they don't open their door and yell mom, and I don't smell any smoke, then I am enjoying me time. Except tonight. 

I tried to ignore the antics, until plaster from the ceiling started to rain on my head. The windows were shaking, the blinds were swinging and my cat looked terrified. I finally trudged upstairs to find 3 individual broadway acts going on. Except it was more like a combination of Vaudeville and mixed martial arts.

I witnessed singing, stuffed animal throwing and wrestling. I yelled at them to go to bed but without much enthusiasm.  I started to realize that if the three of them can do this much damage, wait until we have slumber parties.

1 comment:

sherri said...

when that door closes, I am with ya, I am OFF DUTY. Hate it when they call our bluff on that.