Saturday, December 26, 2009

Auntie M.'s Packing Fudge

Ok not really but I just love to good naturedly harass her. This fudge is amazing! Even though I love chocolate I don't particularly like fudge. But this fudge was amazing! And it had walnuts in it and I don't even like walnuts and I still ate it.


One bag of chocolate chips
3/4 bag of Butterscotch chips
One can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
One teaspoon of Vanilla
Walnuts or currants as desired...really whatever you want to add

Grease a casserole dish- sometimes I put it in a jello mold to make it into a wreath shape

Heat up the pot over low heat
Add chocolate chips, butterscotch, and sweetened milk
Mix together until melted and blended
Add vanilla and whatever else you want to such as walnuts
Pour right away into greased dish- will start to set immediately. Chill in fridge or in the freezer.
*Recipe written by Auntie M.

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Kerri Q said...

I've made this fudge and it is awesome! So easy! I added toasted walnuts and mini marshmallows to make a rocky road fudge! Gotta add the marshmallows right before you put it in the pan or they'll melt over the heat.