Saturday, December 26, 2009

Auntie M.'s Chinese/Aisan Chicken Salad

Chinese (ish) Chicken Salad*

Top Ramen noodles- 1 package crunched up
Spanish Peanuts- approx. 1 cup
green onions chopped
Red Bell Pepper- choppped
Cole Slaw Salad- precut in the package
Italian dressing
Chicken- I buy the chicken that is already grilled and cut. You could grill it yourself and then cut it when cool. Probably tastes better, but sometimes I am not that motivated. Make sure you cut into bite sized pieces.

Add all of the dry ingredients and then mix with Italian dressing. Sounds weird, but is always a hit.

*All of the above has been written by Auntie M. and we are grateful.

**Let's see if Auntie M. notices the tags