Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reiki Healing at Bodylines Day Spa

Last week I took advantage of the time I have Sarah to heal. Tuesday I took a nap and did some writing and Thursday I booked a Reiki Healing and massage. Reiki has worked for me in the past to bring me into deep relaxation and to feel spiritually clean. Even if it's a total bullshit placebo effect it doesn't hurt right?

I find out about Reiki from a woman I used to work with at a group home. She was born on a Cherokee Indian Reservation and her mom was Wiccan. She was a fascinating person to say the least. She used Reiki on me once for a migraine and I was sold! I thought she was touching my scalp but I kid you not her hand was 6 inches above my head. I could waves of "energy" coming off her hands and colors exploded behind my eyelids. It felt great! Other times I have enjoyed Reiki I was awake but snoring, weird huh? I was so relaxed I was stuck somewhere between sleep and wakefullness.

So last Thursday I thought I would give it another try and how about this for cosmic coincidence? The practioner is a colon cancer survivor. I didn't know that when I made the appointment, it's not something I would generally ask over the phone. So here I was just getting out of the hospital from an Ulcerative Colitis flare-up and I get a therapist who is a colon cancer survivor. I am not healed, there was no miracle, but I felt I was in safe and understanding hands.

Friday morning I ate the most solid food in a long time. I had some squishy turkey meatloaf and mashed potatoes and it gave me the energy I needed to take the monkeys to a pumpkin patch. My niece Kaitlyn came along as well.

I love hay bail mazes that are only waist high so you can actually see your kids!!! And check out the box below. Instead of sand it's all corn! It was so cool! The kids loved it, they spent at least 30 minutes playing in there.

That's Kaitlyn playing beast of burden to Bekah and one of her favorite classmates. I have to warn you right now that this is my favorite time of year to take pictures of my kids. They have their daddy's olive skin so they look beautiful in fall colors and I love to take them to pumpkin patches and parks to take pictures because the weather is perfect this time of year in the bay area.

I have to give out some more public thank yous. My friend Valerie brought us a yummy dinner last night and she is so sweet she included a mini pumpkin and stickers for me since I really can't eat too many different foods right now. But Bekah got ahold of that pumpkin before I did and decorated it for me. And Mike and Bekah came out of the woodwork to say Hi this time so they are getting over my trip to the hospital.
Another dear mom friend sent me a get well card in the mail with gift certificates to Forbes Mill's steakhouse for when I can eat LARGE portions of beef again! Yummy! Thanks so much Anne-Marie, very cool of you!
And the winner husband. He took all 3 kids out of the house all day so I can try to sleep. This Prednisone shit that I am on wakes me up in the middle of the night and I feel like I am on meth. I have been snapping at everyone all morning and instead of getting mad at me for it, he is being understanding instead. That takes a real man.
So I am going to try to get a nap if I can.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Clare. Thanks for visiting my site through SITS.

Glad to hear about all the fun you had. I love the pics with all that corn.

Claudia Medeiros said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today !
I'm also glad you became my follower :)
I'm following you , too . I hope we could share a lot of recipes , tips and thoughts :D
Have a great weekend !!!!

Charlotte said...

Clare is a friend of mine but my namme is Charlotte. Clare is much nicer than I am but you are very welcome to come back here and play anytime, I am friendly!!

You have a great weekend too Claudia, I love that name.

Lisa Anne said...

Visiting from SITS saw you on roll call. Where is that pumpkin farm you went too? I live near you and hav been looking for something cool like that to take my son.

come and join in on my craft swap.

The Quick's said...

Char! I hope you are feeling on the up and up - I wish I didnt have a newborn and could do more for you! Where is that pumpkin patch, it looks super cool and something that my Jake would love.

sherri said...

I have heard cool things about Reiki. I hope you got some rest today. Sending you good, healing thoughts. :)

Aunt of 14 said...

I totally believe in Reiki!! I haven't had anything to do with it in years, but your post reminded me of the success I've had with it. It even works on animals. My cat was at death's door with unknown causes... she was just so sick and I would visit her at the vet and I tried reiki every time. After 2 days, she started getting better. I was totally sold then too.

LinLori said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! The Reiki sounds really interesting. I've been wanting to try it for some time now, actually.
And oh, my gosh, the hay bale maze and the corn box look so fun! I would've thrown myself in there, too, I think, haha! I love fall and all the associated seasonal activities.
Sounds like you're surrounded by some wonderful friends and a super awesome husband!

Aleta said...

Those are some GREAT pictures! It looks like so much fun that it makes me want to be a kid again and run the maze!

Charlotte said...

Lisa Anne it is G and M Farms (or C and M?) in Livermore. Right off 580 East, Airway blvd. I will definitely check out your blog later my 2 yr. old is not napping today which limits my computer time.
Ha ha Meghan you said "I wish I didn't have a newborn". Only the mother of a newborn would say that because you're so tired! I am hanging in there, I feel soooo much better this week.

Thanks Sherri! I actually ate some salad today. I just couldn't handle a diet with no crunch to it anymore I feel like I have to brush my teeth 10x a day!

Reiki on a cat, that's so awesome!!

Lin-Lori I am taking advantage of my hospital indcuded weightloss and scheduled a prof. family photo session. The fall colors will be great too! And I could not have made it through the last 2 weeks without my wonderful friends and family.

Aleta, I gotta get a blog post going to hold up my end of the bargain. My 2 yr. old is phasing out naps and it wrecks my "quiet time". And now if I run errands he will fall asleep in the van of course.

Wicked Bitch, Latina Fatale said...

the pics with the corn are really neat!

Charlotte said...

Thanks Chica!