Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Awards and Why I don't Do Them

I am not one of those mommy bloggers who gives cute stuff away and awards their friends with heartfelt awards. Why?  Because I suck. I am lazy and unorganized.

This chick Angie who has her shit way more together than I do, gave me an award and I am very grateful. Please check out her blog, she's cute, sarcastic, is funny and drinks.

Coming soon: My kids will go back to school and I will have time to blog.  I want to tell you about my summer and otherwise bore or entertain you, and indulge myself.

Right now I have the news on and I guess our troops are leaving Iraq. My bro, who is a Navy Seal, was supposed to go to Iraq next month. Now I wonder if he is still going. It would be great if he stayed home and impregnated his wife instead of going to a shit-hole and getting his ass shot off. I think this calls for a cold one.

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Opto-Mom said...

Angie rocks! That's how I found your blog. You rock too, even if you don't give out awards.