Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Writer's Block

I am experiencing a brain freeze, a writer's block. The text below is spew from my frontal lobes.  I usually type this out and come back after the kids are in bed and fill it in. But I am not feeling the creative juices right now. Is it because I am old, tired, taking too much Vitamin P. ? I have a ton of stuff floating in my brain.  My thoughts run just above my eyeballs like the headlines stream across the bottom of your t.v. screen when you are watching your favorite cable news show. I am just unable to filter those  thoughts productively right now.

So interpret at your own risk:

Not sure what to write about anymore. waht's off limits. mykids are getting older, much closer to reading, and they have issues that they don't need to hear their mom espousing on a public blog. we went camping alone my hubs sprained his ankle. bro is coming chuck mangione. jake's clinginess. anger management  facebook disneyland. bekah at the gym  mike being awesome  comradierie, racism, politics, tea party weight loss cooking 40th books  swimming while camping step bro Val and Kristin


Angie said...

I'm kinda diggin it...

Charlotte said...

girl that's all I got lately