Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cruise 2010

I could have easily stayed another week on that cruise. Or just a week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. For those that haven't read my blog in awhile my husband and I took our 3 monkeys on a 7 day cruise to Mexico. If you are feeling jealous, don't waste your time. We earned this vacation.

2 weeks before we left my kids had colds, and ear infections, my 33 year old brother got a blood clot in each lung, my mom had her appendix removed and 4 days before we were to leave on our cruise all 3 kids started on antibiotics for Scarlet Fever!!!! And then Erik got a sore throat on the cruise but my husband toughed it out.

The next 4 pictures are of me and our monkeys in the dining room. The food is a step above hotel food but that didn't stop me from making a complete pig of myself.

Erik and I were able to steal some time alone due to Camp Carnival. They have a program for 2-5 year olds so my kids were all together. Mike is 5.5 years old so he thought he was way too mature for the babies. We were met with some resistance from him but he got over it after making some new friends. Bekah loved the program and Jake is a mama's boy but he still managed to have fun as well.

One night was "Prince and Princesses" night and involved some face-painting. You gotta love Mike's moustache. I see future employment at Burger King.

Lot's of cute cuddling going on. The reason you don't see Bekah in her cute dress and make-up is because she was busy peeing all over it. Bekah was deathly afraid of the toilets on the cruise and had 4 accidents. We finally had to bribe her with candy to go poo. I was deathly afraid she was going to have a poo accident and you know who would end up cleaning that up.

Miniature golf on the cruise was fun! The kids loved it!

Bekah insisted that Erik hug this parrot good-bye. And our game did end abruptly when Jake decided to steal balls from other families to throw.
I am really glad there was activities like this on the ship because Puerto Vallarta was cold and rainy and even Mazatlan wasn't that nice, weather or scenery. In P.V. Erik and I checked the kids into Camp Carnival and got off the boat only to visit Wal-Mart. We needed a few supplies and it was pretty exciting considering I am way too liberal to shop at Wal-Mart when I am home. Luckily there are shows, a balloon guy, an arcade, trivia games, Scattergories, a library where you can take the kids to go color and do puzzles or play cards on the ship. Then of course the Camp Carnival is great so you can drop off the kids and you and your beloved can have privacy and get your drink and gamble on.
I won $800 on the slot machines!!!!!! I basically paid for half of my personal bar tab.

Here is a picture of our ship The Splendor from the beach in Cabo San Lucas. See how big that ship is? Well the rain was so bad in Mazatlan that visibility was down to zero and our ship hit a pleasure sail boat. Doh!! The Captain didn't even inform us of this collision until 12 hours later and they never did tell us what happened to the other boat. During the collision the water from the pools, hot tubs and the standing rain water sloshed around and flooded the elevators, breaking them for the whole day. The ship listed portside for the whole day. So when you took a shower all the water flooded the bathroom instead of going down the drain. Pretty crazy huh?

Cabo was absolute paradise. The weather was perfect and the ocean water was warm. We took the monkeys to the resort where Erik and I honey-mooned. They let us use their pool, towels and facilites if we bought food and drinks. Which was $20. And for $20 we got 2 Pina Coladas, 2 beers, 3 Sprites, chips and salsa.

After we got sick of saying, "No Gracias", to all of the beach vendors we moved to the resort's beautiful pool. We met some families with kids our age and who had them close together too, so they didn't think we were freaks.
Bekah is 4 years old now and 4 year old girls are so damn bossy and sassy!!! Mike was never this bossy or sassy. See her stance below? You know she is just giving her father some lip. Within 10 minutes of meeting these 2 other girls at the pool she was bossing them around like crazy. And they took it. And one girl was a year older than her.

Look how cute he is!

That pool was soooo warm!

We stopped for a family photo since this was the resort where Mike was most likely conceived. Mike named this statue behind us King Butt.

It's funny how sometimes just the littlest things can make a person so happy. Every night when the staff turned down our beds they made animals out of towels. I loved this towel monkey since I nicknamed my kids monkeys.
My favorite thing on the cruise was gambling and dropping the kids off at Camp Carnival. Mike's favorite thing was the arcade, the desserts and ordering room service. Bekah loved Camp Carnival, the towel animals and going to the library to color. Jake liked the copious amounts of food and the elevators. Erik just liked not being at work.

Coming home from vacation and going back to work is always hard but this week seems even more depressing. I really need another week!


Jamie Watson said...

That was fun reading about your vacation! I hear ya, one week is definitely never enough.

The Quick's said...

I love that you won $800 and the fac that it only covered half of your bar bill - thats my girl! Looks like you had an awesome time and God knows you deserved it!

Charlotte said...

Wow, blogger is not sending me email updates anymore when somebody leaves me comments. I pretty much thought that nobody ready my blog anymore.

Well at least 2 of my chicas are still reading.

I am finally starting to get back into the groove of daily life. But yesterday I bit into a fresh pineapple and the memories of Pina Coladas almost made me burst into tears.

Nekidduk said...

Sweet! I've never done a cruise with a kid in tow..well, I did when Keenan was about 2 months in utero but that doesn't really count. Glad you guys had such a great time! ESPECIALLY since it was so brutal before you left. Stop talking about bossy 4 year' enough you warned me about criminally insane 3 year olds but now you're scaring the living shit out of me!

Charlotte said...

Sorry Daph, I just like to give parents fair warning. I hate it when people act like being a parent is all unicorns and rainbows. Keenan is so cute I am sure you will never have any problems. Bwahaha!!